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Table of Contents

To access a poem using the Table of Contents:

  • click the Table of Contents icon in the toolbar of any page (see illustration).
    Table of Contents
    toolbar icon
     Table of Contents toolbar icon
  • click the first letter of the name of the required author in the A-Z list that appears.
  • click Expand icon next to the name of the required poet.
  • click Expand icon next to the name of the required volume of poetry.
  • click the title hyperlink of either the required poem or the required volume to access the Full Text page. Each item includes the download size in bytes of the corresponding Full Text page. The larger the download size of an item, the longer the Full Text will take to download.

You can return to a previous stage in the Table of Contents by clicking Collpase icon next to the relevant level. For example, if you have browsed through the works of one poet and you wish to browse the works of another poet, click Collapse icon next to the poet name. This returns you to the list of poets beginning with the letter selected from the A-Z list.

To return to the A-Z list, click on the Table of Contents toolbar icon.

In the Table of Contents works are arranged alphabetically by poet and then by volume title. The poems themselves are ordered as they are in the original copy of the volume.

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