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Summary of Matches

The Summary of Matches page displays the results of a search. It indicates the number of volumes of poetry retrieved by your search and the number of hits (occurrences of your search words) contained in those volumes.

For example, if the statement at the top of the Summary of Matches page reads "Found: 8 hits (4 volumes)", your search has retrieved eight occurrences of your search words in four volumes of poetry.

The Summary of Matches page also lists separately the volumes of poetry retrieved by your search giving brief details of each as follows:

  • Author
  • Volume title (the titles of individual poems contained within each volume are given in the Context of Matches)
  • Date of publication
  • Number of hits

The author and title details of each volume are hyperlinked to the Context of Matches page.

If you have customized your search results to display the matches retrieved in the form of subsets, you can move back and forth between subsets using the Next and Previous buttons. Using the boxes provided next to these buttons, you can also modify the number of matches you wish to display in the next or previous subset and, in addition, the number at which you would like the next or previous subset to start.

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