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Context of Matches

The Context of Matches gives more details about the poems contained in the volume you have selected in the Summary of Matches. The first level displayed is the title of the volume. This is then followed by the titles of the poems contained within that volume. Bibliographic details for the volumes are also available.

When you have performed a Word in Poem or a Word in Title search, a small section of each poem containing a hit is displayed. This section includes the hit (marked with Hit icon) and ten words of the poem on each side of the hit. The display of the hit in context should give you an indication as to which poems will best suit your requirements.

The titles of both the volume and the individual poems are hyperlinked to the relevant Full Text page. Simply click on the required title to display the Full Text. Each entry includes the download size in bytes of the corresponding Full Text page. The larger the download size of an item, the longer the Full Text will take to download.

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